A First Date To Remember


Freddie Gibson may only be 5 years old, but he's already a true gentleman. The little boy, who lives in the U.K., grew curious one night while watching his parents get ready for their date night. He decided he was ready to have his first date. And he knew just who to ask -- his very best friend, Dee Dee!


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The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship


Freddie has literally known Dee Dee his entire life. Their moms became friends during a pre-natal class, and continued to get together after Freddie and Dee Dee were born.


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The little ones became fast friends too!

"He always used to get excited when he saw her and would shout out her name, and it's just grown from there," explains Nina, Freddie's mom.

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Now that they are older, the two go to different schools and don't get to spend as much time together. So, after hearing what a date was, the hopeless romantic started planning the first date of his dreams with his longtime pal, Dee Dee.

"Since they could talk, Freddie has been adamant that he and Dee Dee will grow up and get married - and she seems quite happy to go along with it," explains Dee Dee's mom, Katy. "They couldn't be more different, but they just click."


A Proper Invitation


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Freddie decided it would only be proper to wait until Dee Dee turned 5, like himself. So, he sent her a handwritten note in the mail, inviting her to be his dinner guest. . .once she was old enough, of course!


"They've always had a special relationship - they've swapped Valentine's cards since they were toddlers, and since they learnt to write they're always swapping notes," Katy said.


In the meantime, Freddie saved up all of his own birthday money so that he could do this whole first date thing up right! He even bought a new wallet so he could keep the money safe.


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She Said Yes!


The delighted Dee Dee looked forward to joining her friend at their favorite pizza joint. Her mom took her shopping for a new dress. The precious girl also donned a pretty flower headband and freshly painted nails.


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The pint-sized Romeo bought flowers for his date, and the couple's families escorted them to their favorite pizza parlor.

"Freddie was very serious about the whole thing - it was so sweet, but also quite amusing to watch everyone's reactions to it," recalls Katy.


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The parents kept a close eye from a separate table, so as not to intrude too much.

"They were like little grown-ups -- we kept a watchful eye from a distance, but they did the whole thing themselves," explains Nina.


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The first date was so adorable, the restaurant treated the cute couple to a meal on the house!


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The First Date Of Many??


All in all, it was a great time for everyone. Freddie's parents asked if he'd like to take Dee Dee out again. His suave reply was, "yes, because she's beautiful". As far as Freddie's concerned, he and Dee Dee are meant to be!


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Despite his young age, Freddie already has a future mapped out for him and his beautiful best friend. According to Freddie, the two will marry once they grow up. They'll buy a house close to Dee Dee's grandparents. The sweet boy has even volunteered to do all of the ironing, as well as to change diapers once they have babies of their own. (Sounds like a keeper to me!)


Only time will tell if God intends for these two to become husband and wife. But their first date is certainly a memory both of their families will cherish for a lifetime!


"Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD." Proverbs 19:14



Just wait until you see where this ring bearer and flower girl ended up!



Proverbs 19:14


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