Each day, a young son quietly loaded up a backpack and headed out of his home in the rural Philippines to take a secret walk.  Curious, his dad followed him and was completely stunned by what he found.


Young Boy Cares for Dogs


The young boy was taking food to a pack of stray dogs that were infected with mange.


The sweet pups showed their gratitude, and the dad was moved.  He had previously looked at the dogs with mild disgust, but suddenly felt his heart swell for these poor dogs.


Dog Shows Gratitude to Boy Who Cared


The proud dad’s perspective was completely changed when he witnessed his son’s kindness in action.  He now helps his son feed the animals and plans to treat the dogs’ mange and help find them forever-homes.


The son dreams of opening an animal shelter one day.


Thank God for these kind people who looked past the surface and saw His creatures as He does!


credit: Metro UK