Dudley the duckling lost his leg after being attacked. The poor little guy was mauled by a chicken when he baby and he couldn't walk afterwards. Thankfully, his caretakers found a way for him to get his leg back and walk.



An elaborate 3D printed leg was created for Dudley. It was a custom fitting created by Terence Loring of 3 Pillar Designs, a company that specializes in 3D-printing architectural prototypes. Terence heard about Dudley through a friend and wanted to see what he could do to help.



Dudley tried several versions of the leg. The first one he wore didn't quite work and he kept falling over.

Terrence went back to the drawing board to make a one-piece model with no joints, printed in a softer plastic.


When they put the new foot on Dudley's leg, he started walking. They even gave him a gel liner for his new foot so that he could wear it comfortably without getting sores.



It's so sweet to see people go through so much trouble for just a little duck. All animals are an amazing part of God's creation and we should treat them with love and respect. God bless these good samaritans for spending so much time to help an innocent creature.


(via cnet.com)