The very special French bulldog you see below is named Lentil and he will melt your heart to pieces!


Lentil is very special because he was born with a cleft palate. His owners gave him up because they couldn't care for him and his special needs. But thankfully, all hope was not lost for Lentil!


The French Bulldog Rescue Network found the little puppy a new foster family that will take care of him until he is old enough and finds a forever home.



Because of Lentil's cleft palate, he will need major surgery on his face so that he can eat properly. Right now, he is so small and he barely gains any weight.


Once he has the surgery and can eat, he will put on weight and become healthier every day! Right now, his foster mom has to feed him on a rigid schedule, helping every time. Right now, he is growing an ounce a day thanks to his foster family, but that's still not enough for poor Lentil!

Lentil has almost 10,000 fans following his daily progress via his Facebook page. Not only that, but gifts and donations from all over the country are flowing in for Lentil!

We are so happy that one family was kind-hearted enough to take in this special needs puppy. Not everyone has the patience, knowledge or time to take care of a pet that requires extra attention, so it is amazing that Lentil found a loving home so quickly. 


We love you, Lentil!