"I can't wait to go back."


Don Piper's amazing true story of life and death after surviving what should have been a fatal car accident back in 1989, has more news to share! This bestseller is about to hit the big screen (in the fall) based on his book 90 Minutes In Heaven.




The film, sharing the book's name, is Piper's way of trying to share the experience with others, and more importantly, get them to heaven, too.


"The anticipation of heaven is instant for me," Piper said.


"I can't wait to go back, I didn't want to come back," the author continued. "If you have seen it there, you don't want to be here. I am trying to help people get into heaven and have a better life along the way. I live for that, that makes it a little easier to get up in the morning especially when this body doesn't want to."


Almost three decades ago, the ordained minister was crushed by the roof of his car, impaled by the steering wheel, and had both legs crushed by the dashboard. After paramedics found no signs of life, Piper was covered with a tarp while a fellow pastor prayed over his body. Don Piper had died.


All the while, Piper said he was instantly taken to heaven where he experienced a reunion with loved ones and saw the Gates of Heaven. However, the Baptist minister returned to earth, and despite an incredibly difficult recovery, he lived to tell the tale.


"It was a two-year process – therapy and rehabilitation," Piper explained of his recuperation. "One leg is shorter than the other, I'm shorter on one side than the other, I say [I'm the] the leaning tower of Don. It's all willpower - this arm won't straighten out or turn over. When I'm fully clothed, it's deceptive. Anybody who has read the book, when I walk onstage people are like, 'Wow.'"

Consequently, Piper acknowledged the "miraculous" healing, giving all credit to God.


"It's a miraculous thing, I lost four inches of this leg, I had brain damage, I was impaled on steering wheel," he said. "I believe God is still in the miracle business. I know it's a miracle, everybody who knows the story expects me to be in terrible condition."


Thank you God for allowing us to share in this miracle you performed on Don Piper. Thank you for his courage to give you all the glory! Miracles happen everyday and we thank you for your never ending love. Amen.



This man has a brush with death, and when he came back, everything changed!



John 14:2


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This man saw heaven, and his testimony will completely blow you away.