Do we look alike or is it just me?


These ADORABLE "mini-me" photos are here today to just brighten your day with something to smile about! Our furry, 4-legged friends are always ready to be our best buddy and these sweeties have a mini-me that keeps them company. How cute are they?!



1) On the count of 3, look at me!



2) From tip to tail, I look like my mom.



3) Check out their matching 'M' stripes on their foreheads...that's too cute!



4) This mom is thinking, "I love my baby girl, but she's been following me around ALL day long!"



5) PLEASE play with me?!



6) Just sitting in the garden of CUTENESS!! (and those eyes - wow!)



7) I don't have to be big to be awesome!



8) Just out of reach from the puppy dog. :)



9) Catching a 'cat nap' with my mom. (get it? - haha)



10) "I wanna be just like you when I grow up."



11) SNUGGLE-TIME on my favorite furry blanket!



12) Yup...right where I feel the safest.



13) Mom keeps the :)



14) You've got some big paws to fill, little guy.



15) And, THIS little kitty went to the market...




Here are some more animal twins, but this time, one of them is a stuffed animal!



Psalm 118: 24


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Here are some cute animal siblings who love to cuddle!