Isaiah Myers received a summer haircut from his father before the end of the school year. Every summer, they buzz his hair short so he can stay cool while doing summer activites. This year, however, his haircut was the focus of ridicule at his Nova Scotia school.


The 3rd grader began going to school dressed in a hoodie. With the weather being so hot, his mother Becky knew something was wrong.


"I said, 'What’s the matter?'" Becky Myers told the Chronicle Herald. "He said, 'I don't want anybody to see my hair.' He said, 'Everybody was laughing at me and making fun of my hair today and telling me it looks stupid.'"


To show him that those kids were being silly and many people still loved him, she posted a picture of her 9 year-old on Facebook with the following text:


"Isaiah was tormented at school today because he got his head shaved =) i told him I would put a picture on Facebook and see how many likes I could get! I think he looks handsome!! Let's cheer my boy up =)," Becky wrote on June 5th.


By June 13th, more than 2,250,000 people had liked the photo. More than 35,000 people also shared it on Facebook.


Hundreds of people from all over the world gave words of encouragement to Isaiah; they called him handsome, told him they liked his hair and gave him solid advice.


All of the messages cheered up the little boy; now, he holds his shaved head up high. He knows he is a handsome boy, action stars have shaved heads and heroes of our country's military have shaved heads. The school's principal will be dealing with the bullies, but for now Isaiah knows he is loved.


The internet can be a wonderful thing!