This story of love and devotion, even to the point of death, will touch you deeply. Nolan Keane was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 24. He is 28 now and he has undergone eight surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Recently, doctors determined that the cancer has spread too far and there is nothing left to do for Nolan.


This tragic piece of news hasn't stopped Nolan, a Division I baseball player, from wanting to live his life. He is determined to marry his fiancé, Morgan Carstens, and to take her on a honeymoon to Disney World.


Unfortunately, the couple is struggling financially. The medical treatment for Nolan is expensive and Morgan quit her job as a nurse to take care of Nolan. The couple is looking to donors to raise money for the wedding and honeymoon; so far they have $12,000 raised. The donations have poured in from sympathetic, wonderful people from all over the globe. They hope to raise a total of $20,000 (via - and the money keeps flowing in from people who are praying and hoping that this amazing couple can truly enjoy their last days together!


"Truly an amazing couple and an inspiration to all," Cassie, a donor who gave $100, wrote on the GiveForward page. "Enjoy this time together and cherish every moment <3."


"They truly define love and commitment," Morgan’s sister, Jaclyn, said in an email statement to The Huffington Post. "When they look at one another you can see the incredible love they have for each other. They never ask for anything and deserve an incredible honeymoon [to] help forget about the bad things, even if it is for a moment."


We ask you to please pray for Nolan and Morgan. This couple has been dragged through so much in their relationship. Cancer takes a toll on more than the body it infects, it's so inspiring to see this couple still so in love and dedicated to one another.


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