One fisherman reeled in something that had his heart swimming with love. He found a message in a bottle floating in the waves of Francis Beach, California.




When he tried to open the bottle it was sealed so tightly that he had to use a corkscrew to open it.





Inside the bottle was a sweet rolled up letter that was laminated and fastened with tape. This is what it read­­­:



My name is Mel, I have 3 beautiful kids and a beautiful wife of almost 54 years when I passed. I love the ocean, deep sea fishing, abalone hunting with my 2 sons and visiting the tide pools with the whole family. Today my family is laying me to rest in a place that I love... the ocean. So this starts my journey... If you find this message in a bottle please go to my Facebook page post a pic of yourself and where you found me and send me back on my journey.

Thanks and God bless,

Mel's family.


So one fisherman resealed the bottle and sent the other fisherman back into the ocean to continue his journey. 




What a wonderful way for a family to share their father’s legacy with so many people on the beach’s shores.


Farewell Mel! 


Check out the video of this story:



Mark 1:17 


Source: SunnySkyz