Kylie Bisutti used to be a Victoria's Secret model. She was blessed with beauty and she concentrated on the superficial aspects of the world we live in. But then, something changed. She grew closer to God and began studying the Bible. She then quit her high-profile and lucrative modeling career.


She wrote an autobiography ("I'm No Angel") and decided to do her best to change the modeling industry: she is creating a God-inspired clothing line. She wants to live “a Proverbs 31 wife and mother.”



She is the part-owner of a Christian clothing brand named God Inspired Clothing. In a quote on the label’s website, she explains, “God inspired fashion is all about spreading God’s word everywhere and making it easier for Christians to share their faith and God’s love. And that’s really what the world needs right now.”



All of the products made by God Inspired Clothing include Scripture on them; for example, the t-shirt above has Psalm 28:7 on the back.



She encourages Christians to be open with their faith and to literally wear it on their sleeve.



Phrases like "not ashamed of the Gospel" or "love thy enemies" adorn many of the items that GIC creates. 








God Inspired Clothing’s founders place a particular focus on their children's clothing line:


The founders of God inspired fashion see a strong correlation between the removal of God’s word and the breakdown of the family unit in our society and ultimately its moral foundation. They believe that sharing God’s word can reverse this trend. "Using every part of their lives Christians can unite to change the world," said CEO Angie Frost.


By using actual Bible verses on clothes students will be exposed to the most important book ever written. "For some children reading the verses on our clothes will be their first introduction to the Bible. We are hoping to spark their interest in the power of God’s word," says Stevi Baker, Director of Children’s Clothing. The people behind God inspired fashion are hoping to increase love and curb the violence in our Nation’s classrooms. "Bullying is also a big issue for many of the students in our country and if anything can change a bully’s heart, it’s God’s word," explains Baker.



It's so inspiring to see celebrities and large corporations embrace the word of God - and spread it! Kylie gave up fame and fortune to be closer to God... and we think she is setting an amazing example for young girls and boys the world over.