In Bangkok, Thailand, an abandoned little girl has the most unusual savior! The prematurely born newborn baby girl was thrown away; whoever gave birth to her wrapped her in plastic and dropped her in a trash heap. Thankfully, God sent a guardian angel to save her! Pui, a loving dog, found the baby in the trash... and brought her home!


Pui carried the baby back to his owner's house and deposited her on the porch. From there, his owner called the emergency services and the baby was taken to the hospital immediately.

Doctors discovered that the little girl was prematurely born; she wasn't in good condition so she stayed in the hospital while she was being stabilized.

Pui's owner only has one other daughter, a 12 year-old, so she offered to adopt the baby if a home couldn't be found for her.


The city rewarded Pui, the amazing doggie hero! They gave him a medal and a special collar, thanking him for his amazing work saving the little girl from certain death.


God watches over every one of us! We are so thankful that He sent an angel in the form of the dog Pui to save that baby girl... just in time!