Instead of handing out spare change to those in need on the street, one woman has been changing the lives of homeless people in the most basic - but necessary - way. The mother of a user on the social media site goes to Costco and dollar stores to buy lots of little items: toilet paper, snacks, warm socks, gloves and more. But what she does with those items is truly amazing.


She fills plastic bags with all of those necessities, wraps the bag with twist ties (so whoever receives it won't have to rip it, so it could be used later) and hands them out to the homeless in Portland, Oregon. She got the idea when she started working at a food pantry as a volunteer. She wants to be able to give the homeless people in need things that will ensure their basic health and comfort.

"She just always keeps one in her car and hands them to people on the side of the street," her son wrote. "She has a bunch in the garage so she can restock. I have been putting them in my car and giving them out when I can, swimming in the wake of her good karma."


This act of kindness is TRULY touching; not only because of the effort that this one woman gives to help those she doesn't even know, but because it truly will help them through their days.