We often hear celebrities complain about the attention they receive from the media. Unfortunately, their fame attracts a lot of paparazzi, even when they are just trying to grab a bite for lunch. People like Princess Diana were constantly plagued by the paparazzi and many people blame them for her untimely death.


But here's a story of how two celebrities are using their run-ins with the paparazzi to take the attention away from themselves. We remember hearing about young guys reading the Spider Man comic books, and now that there is a new Spider Man movie, this big screen and real-life couple are in the limelight.




We always liked Spider Man actor Andrew Garfield, and his fair lady Emma Stone. But when we saw what they were doing and WHY they were doing it, to us they became real life heroes!


When Andrew and Emma noticed paparazzi taking photos of them while they were out for lunch... this is what they did.






These are the wonderful organizations that they brought awareness to youthmentoring.org, autismspeaks.org, wwo.org, and gildasclubnyc.org


May God bless them for their selfless acts.


James 1:27


Credit: Buzz Feed, Photo 1, Photo 2