If you haven't heard of Mango and Milkshake before, then you're in for a real treat! These two are very unlikely BEST friends. Mango is a 2 week-old orange kitten and he absolutely loves his best friend, Milkshake, a pit bull puppy.


The two met each other while waiting to be adopted in the Los Angeles area, but they immediately fell in love!


Milkshake the puppy was rescued with his siblings the same day that the 2 week-old kitten was brought into the shelter. They all had to be bottle fed together, which caused them to see each other as brothers and not just cats and dogs! They are one happy family.


Thankfully, since Mango and Milkshake met each other a year ago, they have been adopted. But their heartwarming friendship is something to be appreciated, nonetheless. The two darlings don't judge each other based on their appearance - all they know is love!

Mango and Milkshake's fame have raised awareness on the necessity for no-kill shelters in the Los Angeles area. The rescue that took them in doesn't see these animals as strays. Instead, they see them as family members that are just looking for their forever homes!

Just in case you missed the adorable video the first time around, here is Mango cuddling with Milkshake - it will simply melt your heart to pieces!



We hope this little dose of heaven made your day better! :)


(via HuffingtonPost.com)