When some llamas showed up at a Washington state rehabilitation center, no one expected things to get to THIS level of cuteness! A photographer Jen Osborne was there to document and provide the Internet with the adorable pictures you see below!


"It seems normal to be surrounding old people with strange, beautiful animals," she said.

Animals have been used in therapy for many years, but scientists are now finding concrete evidence between exposure to animals and increased oxytocin levels. Increased oxytocin can lead to feelings of happiness and trust, something the patients in the rehabilitation center desperately need.

It's more common for household pets (like dogs and cats) to act as therapy animals, but adorable llamas did the job as well! Two llamas made their way through the rehab center, visiting the rooms of many senior patients who were recovering from illness. From just a hug or a kiss, smiles spread across the faces of everyone there.

Contrary to popular belief, llamas are not aggressive, spitting farm animals. They are naturally gentle creatures and with the right training, can become wonderful therapy animals. From just a few hours spent at the center, the two girls were able to give excitement and joy to the residents. We can't wait to see more therapy llamas in the future; they are adorable!

(via Slate.com)