Meet Blaize, an 18 year old boy with autism. He also has learning disabilities and his life has been pretty tough. When he turned 18, he said his dream was to become a police officer.


His mother, determined to set up a special visit for Blaize, called the local police station. Not only did the cops want to make Blaize feel special, but they went above and beyond in their efforts!


"They pulled it together real fast ... Blaize was the happiest 18 year old I have ever seen!" Richard wrote on Facebook.


Officer Mike Hill met with Blaize (who was dressed in a full police officer uniform) so they could hang out together for the day. Together, they visited the police headquarters and truly made Blaize feel like a REAL police officer!


Officer Hill was recently named Officer of the Year - and we can see why! His kindness and dedication to serving the community is so heartwarming. That was one day Blaize will remember forever!