A heroic kitty in southern France miraculously saved the lives of 11 people after a fire started in the farmhouse where they lived. 


Meatball the Heroic Cat



The cat, Meatball, saved her owner and 10 other residents of the multi-family home.  Meatball kept scratching on the floor of the attic, where the fire started until she awakened her owner, Alexandra Marlin, from a deep sleep.


Alexandra investigated to see what Meatball was doing and discovered black smoke.  She called the local fire department and rushed to wake up the seven adults and three children who lived in the home.


When the rescue crews arrived on the scene, Meatball was nowhere to be found, and Alexandra feared the worst. Fortunately, Meatball the hero kitty turned up later that day unharmed. The other residents of the home were so grateful for Meatball's act they plan to buy her a year’s worth of kitty treats.


Our pets make our days a little fuller, but on this day, a pet helped her humans live longer, too!  We thank God for the loving creatures He put on this earth.  We take care of them, and they look after us, too!


credit: Huffington Post