Meet Sonya, a motherly orange cat from Russia. After giving birth to a litter of only one kitten, she had plenty of milk to spare and a very generous nurturing instinct. That, and her caring personality, is why when a group of orphaned hedgehogs was introduced to her, she took them on immediately - to the surprise of many!


She treats the prickly little babies as her own. She lets them nurse from her, cuddle up next to her when they are done and snuggle with her own kitten.

It's not uncommon to see animal mothers adopt orphans as their own, no matter what species they are. Although, this is quite the unusual case since the baby hedgehogs are so unlike Sonya's own fuzzy baby. The little hedgehogs are able to nurse on Sonya because the milk is very similar to what they would get from their own mother.

We hope she is careful grooming her prickly new sons and daughters, though!