When dogs are rescued from the streets and given a forever home, they finally know what TRUE love is and they are eternally grateful for it. You can see an example of such love in the photo below; when a little boy named Mason fell ill, he had a friend stay by his side every day... his dog. His mother Kelly happened upon the touching scene one night after Mason was tucked in.



Prada the rescue dog has cuddled up to his side when he was attached to a nebulizer, giving him love and comfort all night.


"Prada is a rescue. I rescued her 1 year ago at the age of 4, since then she never leaves my side. This picture was taken when my son Mason was sick...I left the room once he fell back asleep...when I returned to my son's room, this is what I found...Prada next to Mason hugging him asleep also."


(via dogheirs.com)