Dominic is a pit bull puppy that has a very special job at the Denkai Community Veterinary Clinic. He might not be a doctor, but he finds a different way to help the animals that come into the clinic. He is a caretaker.


One day, after another dog came out of surgery, the techs noticed that Dominic walked up to the dog and began to cuddle. Then they realized what this loving puppy could do for them: he could help rehabilitate these dogs.



He was being taken care of by a family that had three other dogs. Dominic was full of energy and wouldn’t leave the other dogs alone, so he was brought into the clinic during the day. At first he was constantly underfoot until they realized his wonderful gift of comfort.



Dominic would immediately go to the sides of recovering animals and lie with them. That was just his nature. He cuddled with everyone. Dominic would lay in the middle of a pile of dogs out of surgery and rested his head on their bodies when they cried.



The loving dog even tried to cuddle with the cats after the came out of surgery, but they weren’t as responsive as the dogs. But, even if the dogs were aggressive with Dominic, he would be patient as he waited to ease their pain.






Dominic cries and paces if another dog is crying in the clinic. He does his job so well, he even has a title. He’s the Denkai Recovery Specialist.


This dog has a a gift… and he knows how to share it. He is simply an amazing creature.