On Saturday, February 23rd, an unbelievable tragedy occurred in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A family driving in an SUV died in a crash on Interstate 90. In the car was 52 year-old James Vollmer, along with his wife 48 year-old Julie and children 16 year-old Alyssa and 13 year-old Caleb. The vehicle rolled on the highway, killing every passenger. As tragic as this story is... it gets worse.


Only one child is left in the Vollmer family, Brittany Vollmer, and she desperately needs your prayers. She is a student at Northwestern College in Iowa. The only reason she is the sole survivor of the family is that she was at school when her parents and siblings' lives were taken in the car accident. She is now alone in this world, left to deal with the tragic deaths of every person in her family. 


Support for Brittany is pouring in from all over her hometown, college, state and country. Kind strangers are even setting up funds for Brittany (click here to view the fund information) so that some of the major expenses looming in front of her can be lessened. Nothing can replace her family or happiness, but many hope to help her through this extremely difficult transition in life. 


Friends of the family, neighbors, and students and staff at Sioux Falls Christian Schools (where the Vollmer children attended) have been sharing their happy memories of the family and showing support in the most miraculous of ways. A boy named Caleb Voss attended school with the girls and as a show of support he posted the most amazing, suportive video that he made in his Texas college dorm room. (Click here to see the video on Facebook.com.)


"My main reason for posting it was to try to find some encouragement to the Vollmers and their family," Voss said in a Skype interview with KELOLAND News Monday evening.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we ask you to please lift up your prayers and thoughts to God for Brittany Vollmer. Pray that she can get through this exceedingly difficult time in her life. We pray that her brother, sister, father and mother are at peace with the Lord, looking down on Brittany and helping her through her tough days ahead. We also pray the Brittany finds her own peace and the bravery necessary to move on in her life. 


God Bless you Brittany, you will be in our prayers!


(via Keloland.com)