A family with four kids desperately wanted to give Rhino Lightning (Rhino for short) a good home. They brought the 3-year-old brindle boxer mix home for what they hoped would be forever. But sadly, after a few months, they just couldn't ignore the fact that it wasn't working out. With heavy hearts, they took Rhino back to the shelter. But when the rescue dog returned to the shelter, he did so with a notebook full of handwritten letters to his next owner from the heartbroken tiny human who loved him!


Credit: The Humane Society of Utah via Today


Returning Rhino was a tough decision for the family. They all loved him. But the excited pup was just a little too rambunctious around the smaller children.


One family member was especially heartbroken over saying goodbye to Rhino -- the youngest daughter. And the little girl wanted to make sure that Rhino's next owners knew just how great he really was.



To Rhino's Future Owner


When the rescue dog returned to the shelter, she insisted a small spiral notebook go with him. The pages were filled with handwritten notes from the little girl.

“Hi, if you are reading this, you must own Rhino now,” the girl started. “He was my puppy. I really hope he is in a good environment. I really miss him. I wish he knew that he was a pretty puppy.”


The precious girl's description of Rhino is enough to melt even the hardest heart.


"Rhino is a striped dream. His cheeks make a lot of slobber. Please tell Rhino that I love and miss him every night."


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In addition to her loving words, the sweet girl also included some practical advice for the dog's new owners.


"Rhino is a good dog and he loves cuddles. Just don't tease him with treats — he will start to bark like crazy, then you have to just try and calm him."



Rhino's tiny human goes on to list some of Rhino's likes (cuddles, sleeping under blankets, people) and also points out that he dislikes kennels. She gives instructions on how to care for her pal (letting him run 2-3 times daily, monthly baths, etc.) and begs Rhino Lightning's new owners to keep his epic name.


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Happy Ending For Rhino


White it's so sad to think of Rhino and his tiny human being separated, the little girl's thoughtful notebook made Rhino a local celebrity. It was only a few days before he went to a new home -- this time forever.



The best part is that his new family intends to honor the little girl's wishes, outlined in the spiral notebook.


"The family did take the notebook, and they are going to try and abide by the guidelines that the girl set out," Deann Shepherd, director of marketing and communications for the Humane Society of Utah said. "They're going to keep his name Rhino Lightning. They're going to make sure they give him a bath and daily runs and everything that she said. It's really cute."



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24 hours of love turned into just the miracle this dying shelter dog needed!