Nurse Kitty aka Radamenes


So, kitties may SEEM standoffish sometimes, but we all know they're really loving little creatures. And when you hear this kitty's story, you'll know just how much love they have in their little hearts!



This handsome little guy's name is Radamenes. And the nurses at this animal shelter have adopted him whole-heartedly as their mascot. When you read on, you'll understand why.



Radamenes was brought into the shelter suffering from a bad respiratory infection. No one thought he would survive and they all thought he would have to be put down. But, boy, did he prove them wrong!



This tough guy sent a message to he vet by 'purring'. . .signaling to everyone to save his life! And that's exactly what they did. :)


But it's what he did next that shocked everybody. Because after everything he'd been through, he seemed to know what other sick animals needed. And he made sure he was there for them to provide comfort for them in their time of need.



He's been cuddling with other patients and curling up next to them to give them love and warmth and encouragement.



Radamenes has become a local 'hero' and is quite the celebrity in his community. What a great 'kitty' nurse he is!



It's as if God sent an angel in the form of a cat to help minister and love on His other creatures. How incredibly SWEET is this?!!




What a blessing this little guy is and what a testimony to remind us to love all God's creatures - big or small, weak or strong, healthy or sick. This little kitty is caring for his friends just like God would want us to love on others who are feeling poorly.



Way to go Radamenes - Keep up the good work. And may God bless you with a long life caring for others and lots of extra sweet treats as your reward! :)



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John 15:12


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