This story is about a special little boy named Gage Hancock-Stevens. He is a 13-year-old in very special circumstances. He has had a rough life for being so young - he is almost completely blind due to a rare brain tumor that affected his optic nerves and stole his sight. Not only can't he see, but the presence of the tumor is a weight upon him as well.


Gage has always dreamed of becoming a police officer - it's what he wanted to be when he grew up. But since he was just in eighth grade, he had a long way to go before even having that chance. That's why the Make A Wish foundation made it their goal to make sure Gage knew what it was like to be a police officer, at least once!


Together, the foundation and the Bellevue Police Department in Washington gave the little boy a day he would never forget. Gage was given a uniform and spent the day patrolling with Bellevue Police Maj. John Manning.



What a day it was for Gage! He was sworn in by the Police Chief Linda Pillo, he participated in virtual target practice, learened about crime investigations, and responded to a staged break-in at Microsoft's Global Security Office in Bellevue.


Once his day with the officers was over, everyone knew who the real hero was... Gage!