Heather DuBose from Statesville, NC, has had a hard year. Her mother Denise died of lung cancer in 2011 and she has been struggling to cope with it ever since.



"We were best friends," said DuBose, "we did everything together. She was my biggest fan and my biggest supporter."


Every year on May 4th, her mother's birthday, Heather has released balloons with a special message attached, in an effort to find peace.



"My heart is full of pain from losing you, but full of love for having you in my life," part of the message she sent up this year read. "I hope that as you look down from heaven that you are proud of me. I know that I'm not close to being half the person you were, but I try to be just a small pinch!"


Last week, Heather just couldn’t take the pain any more. She cried in bed for hours and talked to her mom. She asked for a sign to end to agony… what happened next is unbelievable.


A few days later, she got a call from Deputy Paul Crandall. He found a balloon from Heather addressed to her mother, with the well-worn note still visible.


"I was up in the tree stand and I looked over my right shoulder," Crandall said. "I saw it shining there when the sun hit it."


Heather believes this was a sign from heaven that her mother is okay and it means more to her than words could ever describe. When our loved ones pass away, they never really leave us. They go to heaven with the Lord and smile down upon us. :)