These adorable little creatures are Matschie's tree kangaroos. They are also known as the Huon tree kangaroos. These adorable marsupials are native to an area in North Eastern New Guinea.


They are incredibly cute, but they are also an endangered species. Take some time now to appreciate these wonderful creatures God created. Hopefully, we humans can take care of them and they can be around for a long, long time!


These tree kangaroos are much smaller than Australia's red kangaroos. Plus, they are different because they seem to primarily live in trees, just like their marsupial cousin the koala.


With their small, adorable faces and big noses they are hard to resist! Not only that, but they are hardy. They can leap over 60 feet, from the trees to the ground, without getting hurt.


Tree kangaroos are a relatively new discovery, so there is much we can still learn about these animals - all while still taking care to preserve their species!