Matthew Jacko is one of the most inspirational boys you will ever read about. He is only 8 years-old, but 18 months ago his parents discovered that he is dying of an inoperable brain tumor. It’s hard for him to speak and he can’t play like normal boys… but he never complains.



"He never complains, never questions, he just does whatever they (the doctors) want him to do," his parents said.


He and his family ( know that he doesn’t have much time left, but all they want to do is spread joy to other people.



Matthew knows the power of laughter and happiness, the only thing he wants to do is to make people laugh. He is sure to have you laughing within minutes of meeting him.


"Laughter is the best thing in the whole wide world," he says.



While medical treatments haven't been successful, there is a way Matthew says you can help. He wants every child at Children's Hospital to smile, like he does, when he holds his stuffed monkey toy. If you donate money, you can sponsor a stuffed monkey. The proceeds will go to Matthew's family to help cover staggering medical costs, and Matthew plans to hand-deliver the toys to the children.



To donate, go to:


We pray that Matthew and his family are helped through this tough time by God - and that more people can learn to be like this caring little boy.