Love Is Blind 


We’ve done a great many stories on kindness. It just so happens to be one of our favorite topics! But I think you’ll agree that this is certainly one of the more unique stories of compassion we’ve covered. And that’s because this lesson on kindness comes to us from an unlikely source -- a herd of cows!


Credit: DPA


If you look closely, you’ll notice in the picture above that one of the “herd” is not quite like the others. And that’s because the newest member is not a cow at all, but a wild boar!


Credit: DPA



This unlikely friendship occurred recently in Germany, and is not only adorable, but also quite sweet. You see, it is suspected that the baby boar was rejected by his family. But when the malnourished swine stumbled into the pack of roughly 20 cows, he was home.


Credit: DPA


Despite the many differences that exist, the cows have accepted the lonely boar as one of their own. He runs and plays with his bovine brothers as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"He is fully integrated into the herd, which is fascinating," said farmer Dirk Reese, who owns and tends to the cows.


Credit: DPA


And when you think about it, these cows are setting a pretty great example. Can you imagine how much better our world would be if we spent less time focusing on our differences, and more time loving the way Jesus commanded?



Because the best stories happen when we use our hearts instead of our eyes -- when we choose love over fear.


And sometimes God reminds us of this in rather unexpected ways -- like when a lost and lonely boar finds a new home in the middle of a cow pasture.



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Proverbs 17:17


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