Bubbles is an African elephant and Bella is Black Labrador. At first glance it looks as if the only thing that they have in common are their tails. But this duo has found that their love for swimming has glued them at the hips. The best friends live at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina.







Bubbles was orphaned after her parents were killed for their ivory. Thankfully she was eventually rescued. Not too long after, Bella was abandoned when she was just a puppy. Bella was left at the Myrtle Beach Safari by the very person that was building Bubbles a swimming pool.





Ironically, the pool and eventually the nearby river was the place where they both found companionship.





This story just goes to show that even though many of are different on the outside there are probably some things that we have in common that will cause us to be friends forever.


Check out Bubbles and Bella's video:



Matthew 19:29


Source: Sunny Skyz