A poor little dog was stranded in a Florida river. He couldn’t make it over the cement wall to safety on his own, so he just sat there and barked for help.


Luckily for this pooch, a manatee (who are very curious animals) heard the dog’s cries for help and waited with him until help came. Neighbors heard the pup barking that night but they couldn’t figure out where the dog was. When morning came the doggy was found clinging onto the side of the river walls, and Officer Randy Lopez was called to make the rescue.



The entire time the manatee stayed there with her doggy friend, possibly offering him the comfort that he wasn’t alone.



"You don't see that every day, and it's a great reminder... kindness.” the Police Department reported.



The pooch was returned to his relieved owners with just a few bug bites and some bloody paws. Thank God for sending the manatee.


1 Thessalonians 5:11


Credit: Huffington Post