Every so often we get a glimpse of how deep a father’s love is, but James Geier gives us a big picture. James is a 60-year-old dad who is joyfully doing a labor of love by pulling his quadriplegic teenaged son Jonah to see some of God’s most beautiful creations. He even pulled his son through countless bumpy hills and crevices to witness the beauty of the Arches at The National Park in Utah.



Jonah is eighteen years old and has cerebral palsy, but that never stopped him from doing what he enjoys. Jonah and his family have been hiking since he was a young boy. He loves fresh air and being outside, and Jonah’s dad James never let his son’s disability get in the way of providing a wonderful life for him. He has carried him along to see the nation’s most stunning creations since he was born.



“We just have a special relationship with Jonah, my wife and I,’ James said. 'He's really kind of a best friend as well as our son. He's probably the best company that you can have.”



James kept Jonah in tow over the years with a child carrier. But when Jonah grew to weigh over 70 pounds, his father found the Dixon Roller pack, and had it specially modified for Jonah.



'He enjoys it completely,' James proudly said of his son.


Laura, Jonah’s sister, witnessed the beautiful sites of both the Arches and her father pulling Jonah, while capturing the photos featured here. Laura admired both of their perservance when she wrote…. The “resolve of a father to hike his disabled son to the Arch to experience the incredible symbol of natural beauty and strength.”


Watch the video of James and Jonah Geier:



1 John 3:1


Credit: Mail Online