Every year, we celebrate Memorial Day as a way to remember every man and woman that has lost their lives while serving in our military. It is an important day to remember all of the lost loved ones and pray for ALL of our troops that are still serving our country! This past Memorial Day, a group of dog owners decided to honor all of our fallen soldiers, veterans and current troops with the cutest cruise we have ever seen! They got together with all of their Corgis and hit the high seas to celebrate this wonderful country we were blessed with!


Every doggie and person on board was eager to show their support of every American soldier in the service! Dedicating one's life to serve their country is an enormous sacrifice; we should be thankful that so many men and women are selfless enough to protect us with their lives!

Corgis are one of the happiest dog breeds and they were perfect for the role of paying tribute to all of our troops!

Even if they sometimes looked a little less than happy before getting on the boat. :)



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We thank every member of our military for their sacrifices and dedication; this country wouldn't be the amazing home that it is without their service. Hopefully, every member of the US military enjoyed celebrating Memorial Day this year, even if they weren't lucky enough to emBARK on a Corgi cruise!

These happy Corgis say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS to all of our troops! :)


(via buzzfeed.com)