A Tiny Warrior


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We've always been told to keep plastic bags and babies separate. And so, hearing about a baby inside of a plastic bag usually elicits a sense of panic and horror. But you'll find this particular story to be the rare exception. And don't be surprised if you find yourself cheering by the end!


Sharon Grant was only 28-weeks pregnant when she received some terrible news. Her placenta and umbilical cord were not doing their jobs properly, and therefore her baby girl was not getting the nourishment she so desperately needed. As a result, she had stopped growing and doctors said an emergency c-section was Sharon's only hope.



On her way to the hospital, Sharon decided she would name her sweet girl, Pixie, on account of the fact that she would be born so tiny. Indeed, the name seemed to fit the teeny girl who weighed only 1 pound at delivery and could fit into the palm of an adult's hand.


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But don't forget that big things come in small packages. And God had given this little angel a big purpose!


Things looked good at first, but then little Pixie's temperature started to plummet. And that's when the doctors did something surprising.


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In addition to placing a hat on Pixie's head, they put her tiny body into a plastic sandwich bag, just like you'd buy at the grocery store. It was a move that surprised Sharon (and us), but is actually a technique the hospital had been using on preemies for some time.


“For the last five to ten years, it has been widely acknowledged that treating babies by placing them into a clear plastic bag immediately after delivery is the best way to maintain a normal body temperature," said Dr. Giles Richardson on behalf of the hospital where Pixie was born.


Pixie was placed under a heater, and the bag essentially created a greenhouse effect, trapping in the heat, replicating the conditions of being in the womb.



Little Pixie spent 3 months in the NICU inside of an incubator. For 18 agonizing days, Sharon wasn't even allowed to cuddle her because every time the small girl was handled, she lost weight.


But our God is good and Pixie's will to live was strong!


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She continued to improve, and at 5 months old, she is finally home with her mom. She's still a tiny, little thing -- weighing only 7.5 lbs and looking more like a 2-month-old rather than her actual 5 months. But Sharon says she's doing well, and describes her as "the most happy little baby."


Credit: SWNS


Praise God for little Pixie, and for giving the doctors the wisdom needed to save her!

This baby was left to die in a plastic bag...until God sent her a good samaritan!



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This baby is being moved by the spirit…and it’s precious!