These are the stories and videos that our GodVine family came to see in 2014. The top story was read more than 3 MILLION times! Thank you to all of you who come here to get your uplifting and inspiration on everyday! We love joining you on the Vine. :)



This prankster took some time to help the homeless in his area. And when he took the clothes off his back to help I got chills, and I bet you will too!




These cousins never cease to amaze with their powerful voices lifted to God. And this cover of 'Rooftops' had me praising along with them!



This touching fictional story had me sobbing with the beauty of God's love.



And when I saw the news story where this REALLY HAPPENED, I was covered in chills!


Paul Ieti blew us away with his angelic voice. And hearing this soldier's story gets me every time!



When you saw who this man shared his breakfast with you were amazed. And so were we! This one shocks me every time!



These complete strangers became best friends and internet sensations thanks to their adorable first flight. Get ready--these grannies are about to put the biggest smile on your face!



These newlyweds wanted to do something super special to surprise their wedding guests. And they did just that with this amazingly 'smooth' dance number...WHOA!



The Poppy Girls blew us away with their cover of 'The Call'. But it's what happened when they finished singing that really had everyone cheering! Just wait for it.



This video had my jaw on the floor when Simon interrupted this audition seconds in. And then it stayed there when Hope started to sing!



Here it is the top story of 2014! Now this story really got you talking. And what this popular food chain did to salute a fallen hero had me sobbing buckets!



There you have it, the to 10 stories and videos you came to GodVine to see. We hope that you were inspired, brought to tears, had a good laughing fit, and most of all saw God in the everyday.


Is there another video or story you think should've made this list? Share your favorites in the comments below, and check back soon to see if your favorite makes the upcoming Viewer's Choice list. And thank you for being part of our family!




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