You wouldn't expect the King of the Jungle to be sweet and affectionate - but this father lion's heart certainly melted when he saw one of his cubs for the very first time. While the cub's mother watched nearby, the young lion shyly approached his dad. At first he was afraid to touch the grown lion, but soon he overcame his fear and was sweetly giving his daddy kisses.


You don't see such tender interactions between a male lion and a cub very often. Usually it's the mothers that you see cuddling with their newborn cubs.

But you can tell by the sweet faces and even the protective paw that this dad put on his son's back, he truly cared for his cub.

At one point the cub was comfortable enough with his father to playfully bite and scratch - and dad would reply by softly growling, even when things got just a little too rough for his liking.

Seeing such affection in the wild is truly heartwarming. Even the big, bad predators of the wild have feelings. As you can see from the pictures above, the newborn cubs and this father lion have a very special bond - one we think can never broken!