This adorable little girl is named Rosie; she is an 8 week-old red fox cub that was taken in to a home after her father killed most of the other pups in her litter. It's unclear what happened to the mother, but little Rosie needed a home. That's when Richard Bowler took her in.





Once in a home, a terrier named Maddy stepped in as the young kit's mentor and best friend. Every day, they live out an adorable real-like adaptation of the Disney classic "The Fox and the Hound."




Right now, Rosie is confined to the patio, garden and living room. While the little fox grows up, Richard wants to make sure she is safe from predators and knows how to take care of herself. Once she is old enough, she will have the run of the property with her best friend, Maddy.







Watching the dog and fox be thick as theives is such a treat; you can tell they truly care for each other and consider each other family. God has certainly blessed this family with two unique animal friends. :)


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