If you’ve ever witnessed someone you love live with Parkinson’s disease, you’ll know that simple and every day task can pose many challenges. Lily Born is an 11 year old who witnessed her beloved grandfather struggling to drink from a cup with out spilling his drink. So her young mind went to work.



Lily invented the Kangaroo Cup; a spill-proof cup with three stabilizing legs its base is even is elevated a little so that "you won't get into trouble for not using a coaster". Two in one! What a smart girl!



The first model of Lily’s grand idea was molded herself from clay. Lily’s father stepped in and manufactured the cup and sold it on Kickstarter, a popular fundraising website. Lily surpassed her fundraising goal and was able to bring on a team of excited marketing experts to help her better develop this wonderful product.


The latest Kangaroo Cup is stackable, made from BPA-free plastic,

and still with its signature legs and elevated “coaster free” base.



Lily's dad wrote, "This campaign is not just about bringing a product to production, it is about sending a message to every parent and every kid with an invention (which is just about every kid), that in history's blink of an eye, we suddenly find ourselves living in a world where that dream can be made real."



Lily is showing us that we can make a difference and that your ideas are GREAT ones. You will never know how your ideas can change someone’s life until you get those wheels a-spinning!


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Philippians 4:13


Credit: Sunny Skyz, Huffington Post