This Dad Makes Eye Patches Cool!


We’ve all heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” And if you need a good example of just how to do this, here’s one for you!



Precious Layla was born with a small cataract in her eye. The good news -- it could be fixed. The not-so-good news -- the little tyke must wear an eye patch for 2 hours each day until she is 5 years old. And if you've ever had to wear one then you know it's not much fun. That is, unless you have an incredibly creative dad!



The eye patches themselves are a boring tan color, much like a bandaid. But to Layla’s dad, Geof, they were an empty canvas just waiting to be transformed! And so he decided that every day he would use his God given artistic talents to transform his daughter’s patches into the ultimate toddler fashion accessory.


"Patching can be frustrating for me as the parent, so this helps make it fun and it keeps me committed to doing it every day," he explains.


And the best part is that Geof has been photo documenting the whole thing in the most adorable way on Instagram under laylaspatches. Here are a few of our favorite designs.


My precious! Oh my precious!



Care Bear Stare!!



Mmmmmm, brains….



May the force be with you...



Can you tell Dad is a Cubs fan?



Cowabunga dude!



Looks like someone just found Nemo!



This feels a little cannibalistic…



I mean, this is hilarious on so many levels…



Ah, poop.



Am I the only one that could look at these pictures for days?



This 7-month-old making music with her dad is adorable!



Proverbs 31:25


h/t: GodUpdates


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