This simple note was 25 years in the making, but it'll take 2 seconds to melt your heart.


I Love You Glenda


Seventy-nine year old Alden Hiltunen had been losing his sight for more than 25 years. After successfully having a telescopic lens implanted in one of his eyes, Alden’s eyesight was finally restored.



That’s when he knew he had write his wife a special something. With his vision still blurry from the procedure, he made his wife's own vision go blurry--with tears of joy!  He shakily penned a note to his wife.  It was short, and it said everything she needed to hear.


"I love you Glenda."



The couple’s grandson Kyle Hamilton said his grandmother said, “that everything they have gone through for my papa to see again has been worth it."



He posted the image online and it went viral.



As he thinks about the love note and the overwhelming response he says, "I think that people liked my post because it gives people hope that they will still be in love when they are old." 



Kyle is right. We know what God’s Word says about love. “There are three things that will endure -- faith, hope, and love -- and the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor 13:13)



credit: Huffington Post