A faithful mother, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, is being sentenced to death in Sudan for her Christian faith. She gave birth in prison just days ago. Her loving husband Daniel Wani said, "They kept a chain on her legs…She is very unhappy about that."


Meriam, a doctor herself, spent much of her pregnancy chained to the prison floor. She went without receiving the proper nutrition needed for such a challenging pregnancy. The mother was hardly let outside for fresh air.


Dad Holds Sudan Baby Born in Prison


In spite of those horrifying factors, the baby girl was born in the prison’s hospital wing at Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison in Sudan just five days prior to her due date. The baby girl is healthy, and her mother named her Maya.


The family’s 20-month-old son Martin also lives with Meriam in prison.


Meriam and her bewildered toddler have fought various diseases and illness because of the jail's poor sanitation and overcrowding. Most children don’t survive these conditions; but because of prayer, God is protecting them.


Daniel had not been able to visit his family regularly, and when he does the parameters of his visits are ridiculous.  Daniel recalled, “The first time I only had ten minutes and we never even had a conversation with each other. I had to attend to my son first, and once I had done that I was told by the prison guards that my time was up.”


Sudan Toddler in Prison with Mom


“I wanted to take Martin away with me, but I knew I couldn’t. It’s not good place to be for a little boy to be. I am not allowed to spent time with them because the Sudanese officials do not recognize them as my wife and son.”


Authorities refuse to release Martin to his Christian father, because they have labeled the innocent toddler as Islamic.


Couple Wedding Photo


The Sudan government also claims that the marriage of Daniel and Meriam is void because they said their vows in a Christian ceremony. Therefore, they do not recognize little Martin as Daniel’s child, and claim that they live in adultery – which is another punishable crime.


At just 27 years old, Meriam received her sentence to be hung until dead. But, she will first receive 100 lashes. Although she was never a Muslim she is convicted of converting from Islam to Christianity, and marrying a Christian man. Because her husband is a naturalized American citizen, living in New Hampshire, the family is making pleas to the American government for help.

Meriam does have an opportunity to be released. But it is one that she will not take.

“An Islamic Sharia judge said she could be spared the death penalty if she publicly renounced her faith and becomes a Muslim once more.” Reported DailyMail.


Meriam is standing strong in her faith in Jesus, and made a bold declaration that she would rather die than give up her faith, she will never 'pretend to be a Muslim' to save her life.


Sudan’s government is considering the chance of reversing the death sentence given to the faithful Meriam Ibrahim. A decision that could not have come without the prayers of Meriam and her many supporters!


Let’s join this family in prayer and in faith! 


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Story Credit: DailyMail