Some people give their hearts to others on Valentine’s Day, but Shannon Robinson gave a complete stranger her kidney!

Kidney Donor, Shannon, and recipient, Travis

Two years ago, Shannon donated one of her kidneys to 15-year-old Travis Chagolla who was born with defective kidneys.  By the time Travis was five, one kidney had already shut down.  Because Travis was adopted, his own parents were not able to donate a replacement organ.  Miraculously though, Shannon was a perfect match!

Shannon was chatting with friends in a coffee shop when she learned of Travis’ condition.  Being a mother herself, she could relate to how helpless Travis’ own mother must feel, and she decided she wanted to help.

Their community rallied around the two to raise the money that would allow Shannon to donate to Travis.  While insurance covered the surgery, Shannon’s time off from work would have left her unable to pay her rent and bills without the community’s support.


Thank God for this miraculous match, for Travis’ restored health, and for people like Shannon who step up to help others!


Credit: Lost Coast Outpost