When life handed him lemons, he decided to make a mouth-watering fruit salad (alongside filet mignon and crispy fish fillet in a lemon butter reduction!)


Young Chef Cooks Up Inspiration for Others


8-year-old Arthur Gonzagas loves to cook.  So when he learned that he had leukemia, his family wanted to give him something positive to take his mind off his treatments.  They came up with the idea that Arthur should host his own cooking show.


Arthur cooks and shares his delicious recipes in Portuguese, and viewers just love Arthur’s bigger-than-life personality!


Young Chef Cooks Up Positivity


Arthur is doing very well in his recovery, and his family credits his positive outlook.  “The secret of life is to let it take you, to have fun and know how to turn lemons into lemonade.” the family posted on their Facebook page.


Thank God for this uplifting young man, Arthur, whose amazing outlook humbles and inspires others to keep their own chins up!  His wonderful positivity is food for the soul.  Please pray for healing for Arthur.


Credit:  Huffington Post