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Mom Refuses to Abort Her Baby - Baby Grows Up to Be Andrea Bocelli

Instead of aborting a baby, a mother chose to give her baby life. And that baby grew up to be Andrea...

Adorable Boy Can't Stop Laughing At Picture Of Smiling Baby

This baby boy had some serious giggles while shopping with his Grandpa. He spotted a smiling baby on...

Mother's Inspiring Video About her Blind Baby Boy

Watch this video about a mother's intense love for her blind baby boy on GodVine.com!

A Dachshund Gives This Baby Uncontrollable Giggles

A dachshund gives a baby the case of the giggles, what a cute video!

Sleepy Baby Slowly Wakes Up From a Nap

A sleepy baby has a tough time waking up from a nap, aww.

Happiest Baby Ever Discovers a New Toy

An extremely happy baby discovers that even a doorstop can be a toy... so cute.

Hula Hooping Baby is Absolutely Hilarious

When this baby tries to hula hoop like his big sister, hilarity ensues! Watch as he happily

Miracle Baby Harper

When Jared and Steph found out they were pregnant, they were thrilled. Until the doctors swore their...

Funny Dad Gives His Baby A Makeover

Momma left this baby and daddy alone for playtime. This is hilarious!

9 Cute Baby Animals That You Have to See

Most baby animals are cute... but these 9 are the CUTEST!

An Unexpected, But Adorable, Rescue of a Baby Squirrel

A family found one lost baby squirrel in their back yard, but got quite the surprise!

Mom Saved Her Baby With Her Dying Breath In The Most Unusual Way.

When Jessica faced her gunman, she did what it took to protect her baby. This mom saved her baby wit...

Heroic Dog Rescues an Abandoned Baby Wrapped in Plastic

Pui's owner was surprised when the dog brought an abandoned baby back to the house. Pui found the po...

Rescuer And News Anchor In Tears Over Baby Found In Collapsed Building

Rescue worker & news anchor wept at miracle baby rescue from rubble of a collapsed building.

Mother Gorilla Does Something Heartwarming for Her Baby

In the middle of a rainy jungle, there was the most heartwarming scene between a mother gorilla and...

World's Smallest Baby Was Born - a True Miracle of God

Amillia was born after only being inside of her mommy for 21 weeks, but thanks to God and doctors th...

After Two Years Of Waiting, Their Baby Was Not How They Imagined

This couple waited two years before finally adopting their baby girl. But when she got seriously ill...

Newborn Baby Abandoned By Mother In Gas Station Trash Can

Paramedics made a terrifying discovery at a Pennsylvania gas station. Inside the bathroom, they foun...

An Orphan Chimp Gets Adopted By The Most Unlikely Mother

After a mother chimpanzee died in captivity, a zoo employee took her orphan baby home. The employee...