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Dog Goes Absolutely CRAZY Over a Dog Treat

Nothing makes this dog more excited than a little treat. Just watch, Tofu the dog will blow your min...

Blind Dog Has His Own Seeing Eye Dog And They Are Beyond Perfect

Hoshi the dog lost his eyes after a bad battle with glaucoma and that's when his doggy best friend Z...

I've Heard Of The Dog Whisperer. But This Dog Is The BABY Whisperer, And It's Hilarious!

Check out this dog who knew exactly what to do when this sweet baby got a little fussy.

Dog Rescues Another Dog That Was Hit by a Car - AMAZING

WOW. There really are no words to describe what you're about to see here. After one dog gets hit by...

Hero Dog Saves Friend Dog From Dangerous Rapids

What started as a fun game of fetch, turned into a scary moment for one cute pup. Luckily, the pup's...

Hero Dog Saves 2 Abandoned Kittens in a Bag

Hero Dog Saves 2 Abandoned Kittens in a Bag

Excited Dog Does Something Hilarious When the Mail Comes

What this dog does when the mail comes is hilarious!

Dog Versus Escalator - Watch the Neverending Cuteness

When this dog encounters an escalator, he is confused... but it's adorable!

Dog Becomes Best Friends with a Fish - Hilarious

A dog and a catfish become friends in this video- too funny!

Meet the Dog that Sings and Plays Keyboard

Meet the dog who will play the keyboard and sing - so great!

Dog Shows His Fallen Companion Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart

This dog was found in China, protecting the body of a fallen friend. This loving scene is truly incr...

Dog Does the Sweetest Thing When Couple Comes Back From Vacation

After coming back from vacation, a couple got a sweet surprise from their dog that missed them terri...

Dog Miraculously Saves Owner from Committing Suicide

A loyal German Shepherd dog stopped a woman from shooting herself with a rifle, saving her life and...

Heroic Police Officer Carries Injured Dog to Safety - Incredibly Touching Scene

A heroic police officer in Pennsylvania named Nick Ague made sure an injured dog made it back home a...

A Dog Shot and Left in the Mountains to Die was Carried Home by an Angel.

This pit bull was shot and left for dead in the Arizona mountains. His owner cared so little about h...

This Dog Was Lost for 4 Years... But Then She Finally Found her Family.

Cassie, a 9 year-old dog, was missing for almost 4 years. Miraculously, she found her way back to he...

A Surfing Dog Brings Joy to a Terminally Ill Teen

This isn't just any story of a boy and his dog--this is a story of an INCREDIBLE boy and dog.

See How This Frantic Dog Stuck in Gorge Gets an Amazing Rescue

This dog was stuck in a deep ravine by himself, but luckily his cries drew the attention of people n...

How an Incredible Dog Changes the Life of a Woman

This dog does so many amazing things each day, just so this woman can live her life normally. An ama...

A Boy Helps a Desperate Dog in Need - an Incredibly Touching Photo

When this little dog got hurt in traffic, a little angel came to his rescue.