This GPS Gives Directions Like Your Southern Cousin

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This GPS Gives Directions Like Your Southern Cousin

These guys thought it would be funny to play out what it would look like if a GPS gave directions like a Southerner. And anyone who has grown up in the south or has southern family knows that his 'hop skip and a jump' directions are too true. Oh my stars I couldn't stop laughing!

If you live in the South, you've probably heard directions like this before. 😂

Posted by This is Alabama on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Grandma Goes Up To A Mom Crying In The Grocery Store Parking Lot

Kristin Sherman‎ had done it! She'd managed to make it out of the grocery store with her two tired little boys just before the youngest had a meltdown. But as she was strapping the kids into their car seats, the gallon of milk she desperately needed fell out of the car and splattered everywhere. And just as a tired, stressed Kristin started to break down, a kind grandma showed up and saved the day for the mom crying in the grocery store parking lot!


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An Unexpected Angel


Kirstin shared the story about the angel called "grandma" on Facebook. She writes:


"Last night I found myself in the Essexville Meijer parking on the verge of tears after the milk I just placed in my car fell out and splattered all over the ground.



Prior to this I managed to pick up a few needed items and some snacks for our low key New Year's party of four with two very tired boys. Made it through the store barely escaping a meltdown from the youngest.

Now the milk I needed was splattered on the ground.



It doesn't seem like a huge deal until you find yourself with two tired kids buckled in their seats, one crying, parked almost at the end of the parking lot because it's NYE. Who shops on NYE with kids, LOL.

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Anyways, little did I know a car parked across the aisle from us was watching me. I placed the cart into the cart return next to that car. A woman got out and said

‘I’m so sorry you spilled your milk. I’m a grandma I know how that is. Please let me go in and get you another one.’


I said no that's ok. I couldn't possibly make this "grandma" do that for me. She insisted. I finally agreed because I knew the boys needed their milk tonight. She told me to wait and she would be right back.

I waited and she came back. I offered to pay her. She wouldn't accept it. I begged her to take some money. She wouldn't. She said happy New Years. I thanked her, gave her a hug and got into the car. Not only did she get my gallon of milk but she got me an additional gallon and a meijer gift card! She has no idea what her act of kindness did for me. I was feeling exhausted and defeated for the most part this week and this strangers random act of kindness made me cry like a baby.

Thank you to the parking lot grandma. In 2017 I hope we can all be a little more like her. I'm hoping the lady that helped me out last night will see this. Please feel free to share. Less hate, more love is my hope for 2017."


It's amazing the power that one kind act can have. What a beautiful way to start the new year!



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