Lost and Found


If you've ever lost a pet then met a new friend that just made you feel warm and whole again, then you'll love this story. An elderly woman's cat recently passed away but Iona found a new friend in the Conroe, Texas animal shelter. Read on for this sweet and heartwarming story about a woman and her love for Edward.



Iona, an elderly woman of 102 years old, had her last cat for 10 years and missed him dearly. She confessed to needing a companion, so she visited the animal shelter in Conroe, Texas and Edward won her over right away.


"The way he cuddled upon my shoulder reminded me of the cat I'd just lost," she says.



Iona and the 2 year old kitty named Edward fell in love within minutes. Their coats even match! How adorable is that??


Barbara Bates, the adoption coordinator had her camera on site and asked Iona if she could take a picture. Iona's response was super cute. She said, "Honey, I sure hope I don't break your camera."


Far from it - her picture captures everything the heart was feeling - for both of them.


Iona's had cats her whole life. In fact, she says one of her favorite pictures is of herself as a teenager with a cat on the family farm. She'd been milking cows, but a bucket tipped over, and the photo captured a lucky kitten reaping the delicious spillage.



Now it's Edward's turn to be spoiled rotten in what might be his first indoor home.


"Oh my, he's very happy," Iona says.

The adoption coordinator feels confident that Iona and Edward were a perfect fit and will be good for each other!


"My photo tells me Edward immediately sensed that Iona had lots of love and security to offer him," she says. 


"To me, an animal gives you life, that a person can't, or material things can't," Bates says. "You come home from a stressful day, and they want to kiss on you. It just makes everything bad go away. So it just touched my heart. And I'm just glad that what I felt came out in the photo."


A pet just warms our souls and offers a sense of love we can't get anywhere else. God's love is like that but even stronger. God wants us to snuggle up to Him and to place our heads on His shoulders in good times AND bad.


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Psalm 105:4


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