When the zoo's brand new mother chimpanzee got sick and died, she left behind her baby. The zoo knew they had to do something quickly to help the oprhaned baby chimpanzee.  One zoo employee offered to take the orphan baby home, knowing that it would need special attention during the early stages of its life. He knew the poor baby needed attention and love, but they didn't realize it would be his dog who would step into the role of momma.





You see his dog just had a litter of pups, so her maternal instinct was strong. And, as soon as she saw the baby chimp, she wanted to care for it as her own.

And even though the chimp looked nothing like the big blue dog, it cuddled up knowing that this was its new mother! All the precious baby needed was some love an affection.

The chimp even began to bond with its new brothers and sisters. And just look how sweet they are together! 

It's truly amazing that this adoption occurred! No matter how loving most mother animals are, the little chimp looked nothing like the rest of the pups, yet it was accepted immediately into the family. 

What a wonderful momma to take in this baby as her own.




Thanks to this loving mother, a kind employee and lots of love, the little chimp survived the tragedy of losing its own mother. It is so neat how God's creatures spread love even in the most unlikely of situations.

Source: Posted by dmonnens on Reddit.com


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