Mason Smith is a special 3 year old boy. He is visually impaired and has a special little friend that helps get him through the day. The friend is a stuffed toy lamb (with a custom purple felt jacket) and Mason takes the lamb with him, wherever he goes.



Tragically, the toy was lost last week.


"He asked about it yesterday night, he was getting upset and kept asking me if we could go back on the bus to find it," Smith says.


Ashlee, Mason's mother, posted her plea on, attached with a $200 reward for the returned toy. Her post received over 1,000 views and was eventually picked up by and other social media sites.


His mother also contacted the London Transit Commission, White Oaks Mall and the Wal-Mart, the last three places she remembered Mason had the lamb.


The toy just isn't a toy for Mason. It is familiar and comfortable to him in a world that is dark and strange. The word part of the dilemma is that the toy is a custom-made lamb with a built-in rattle that was unfortunately discontinued years ago.


"It went missing before and we got him a new toy — he noticed right away," she says.


The family has been looking in gift shops and online but simply cannot find an exta of the discontinued lamb toy.

Something miraculous happened after all of the searching and pleading! Mason hasn't found Lambie, but he is still very happy!


The company that made the original white stuffed toy, New Hampshire's Douglas Cuddle Toys, agreed to turn on their old machines and produce two of the special, discontinued toys, just for Mason.


"He's definitely very, very happy," said Ashlee Smith, Mason's mom.



The two new lamb dolls may not have the texture and smell, yet, as old Lambie, Mason still knows they are his beloved toy. He is absolutely ecstatic!


"He likes them a lot," Smith said.


People from all over the world were touched by Mason's story and that attention is what got the manufacturer to produce some more lambs for the little boy.

We're so glad that there are good people all over the world who would find this boy's plea so touching that they would offer their own services to find him a new Lambie. People are truly good!


(via Huffington Post and LFPress)