God Made Me This Way


Barbara and Guillermo Melendez were like any new parents -- overjoyed with their sweet baby boy. They knew he was a gift from God, and they became accustomed to hearing just how cute their precious boy was.


Credit: Discover Life



But then slowly, over the years, people started asking what had happened to their son. Was he in an accident? Did something happen to his face? What was wrong with him?


Credit: Discovery Life


It turns out that little Diego had developed a rare disease called Parry-Romberg Syndrome. The disease caused the skin and soft tissue on one side of his face to deteriorate and essentially cave in on itself.



But just wait until you hear what this boy has to say about his disorder. Watch below and be inspired by Diego’s incredible faith!



Can you believe the spirit that lives inside this small boy? His positive outlook and charming personality is a great testament to the fact that it doesn’t matter what someone may look like on the outside. Clearly God has intended this boy to be a great inspiration to others!


Colossians 3:23


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