A man was cleaning out his attic when he discovered a parcel that would prove true love REALLY does exist.


Joshua McKinney discovered a long-lost box of treasures in his attic while removing old insulation. The precious bundle, held together with a ribbon, was heartwarming, 70 year-old evidence of true love.


"He was scooping up old insulation to put the new insulation down, and while he was scooping, the letters just fell," Christina Frein, grateful granddaughter of the man who originally wrote the letters.



The family had no idea that these letters had been missing for over 70 years.


The findings were wrapped in a disintegrating pink ribbon. The stack of papers included a birth certificate from 1942 for William Kissel, Christina's father, and a marriage certificate from 1941 for Edward and Virginia Kissel, her grandparents.


Joshua found the love letters the same weekend Christina's uncle (her father's brother) passed away. She felt like her deceased family was attempting to contact her, so she drove to collect their things immediately. 


Love is real, and when our loved ones pass away, they truly do watch over us from heaven. We pray that the missing letters give Christina the strength to heal and the knowledge that her family is never truly gone.


(via yahoo.com)